Thursday, March 10, 2011

silent scream!!

another an epic story of my life.

every morning, i wake up and standing in front of the mirror
checking up my smiles
and wonder what will be happen on the days.

prepared my self with some motivation and courage
thinking something that can cheer up my mates

morning blues are still fuzzy
hahaha.. im not a joker
also not.

honestly im just try to makes the days better
for all my mates. smiling and laughing
talking and thinking
knowing each other better.

but sorry seem to be is the hardest word.

yea it is a hardest word
sorry guys you just make me think twice and realize
that im just not suppose to be with you
seems you guys look more happier
when im out from the picture.

thank guys you make me realize

sorry?? no thank!


  1. sol,x sume org akan sukke kat kite...
    kite x sempurna...
    tu hak dorang nak benci kita n kita pn ad hak nak benci dorang...
    tapi lau dorang benci kita tanpa sebab atau sebab yg sgt tidak masuk akal,mereka la yg bermasalah...

  2. I hope god will save us.I just wanna be what I wanna be.. nothing more than that, ouh lord show me the ways! gether us together,and make everything better

  3. thanx pals! sob sob... ahaha wey jom chat kat shoutbox aku testing! ahahah