Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dear my beloved one!

Even though we are not longer together


You are simply the best I ever had

Your smiles give me a thousand of hopes

Your voice courage my life

Your touch gives a light toward my journey

I wish we were work this thing out back together

I wish we were

I wish

Everything seems different

When you're not there for me

Dear lord cause gives me chance

To meet someone specials like you

Feefa Mustafah

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hikayat Maha Merong Wangsa

Wow tremendous! what an epic story film by our local production industry. A big claps for KRU STUDIO FILM PRODUCTION. Really a nice story, superb sound effect,stunning graphic picture.

For those who doesn't watch it yet! better go get your ticket. You'll have not regret on this local film compared the others.

Keep Support Our Local Act Dude. +)


empty heart, rolling roller coaster ride,
this is how i wreck myself inside,
i am tired of being myself, i am tired of being someone else,
and i am tired of being here,
shake the bottle, twist the cap, smash it hard, to the ground, hit the mud, cut your ears, see how it turns in a different way, none alike you thought it should be

first, i said i’ve got nothing to live for, she replied, "no."
then, i asked her what that i’ve got to live for, she said, "no, you’re wrong."
i am running backward hoping for somebody to catch me before i fall down,
before i drown

and we swim to the shore, days come and go,
i’ll love you, you will love me, that's all that we need,
fuck off everything, we believe in jealousy, i can live but i wish i could die,
not yet

i am coming home tonight, we will let go everything, just to see how it turns better tomorrow, see i wonder how it could be anything stupid or harder than this

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Andai dapat ku undur masa

if i could turn it back
on the past

i'll give everything for the best
i'll making everything greater than ever
for the better future

but its all bout

sorry for everthing that i've done
i'll take all blames on

Monday, March 14, 2011

Having Love VS Making Love


what are their differences!

ermmmmmm....any opinions?

both hampir same couse its all about sex
the differences are
having love is a trully from
your heart
your soul
your mind

making love
it is trully
about sex.
kepuasan nafsu

people nowadays
prefer making love that why
banyak kes buang bayi.

it sound bad, x kesian ke kat budak
yang baru lahir tu x pasal-pasal jadi mangse keadaan

for those yang ske sangat mgamalkn
making love ni aku cadangkan
fikir btl-btl.
think it twice before you done its!

errrgghhhh!!! mood marah!

Home Town

Home Town

ouh my gosh!
it is nothing better than home sweet home!

even it is quite bored here
but thing cant be compared in this such
priceless life or moment
everytimes i've been home

haha.. dah maju dah sekarang
my first impression!
bile sampai dekat kulim ny
yelah dulu macam pekan cowboy je
but seems I haven't been there in a such
along time, there are alot of improvement